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I found this list in an old book. The reason why this may be of importance is pretty self-evident: if you have a message to communicate the colors can be used as an additional code. However, most people these days will need an explanation of what a particular color means. It is important to note that some colors have a broad range of meanings, and this is quite natural. It is OK for a sign to have multiple interpretations. Just make sure that the rest of the message that you are creating is absolutely clear and unambitious (unless ambiguity is precisely the effect you are going after…). So, if you have a ring with and inscription that deals with hope you can use green gems, and so on.

Red. Emotion, Feeling, Love, Body.
Orange. Aspiration for the Self.
Yellow. Intuition, Wisdom.
Green. Virginity, Immortality, Growth, Aspiration, Hope.
Blue. Intellect, Thought, Truth, Spirit.
Straw. Intuitive Perception, Budding Spiritual Consciosness.
Turquoise. Sublimity, Infinity, Immensity,Culture, Morality.
Ecru. Human Passion, Desire, Earthliness.
Cafe-au-lait. Semi-Consciousness, a Worldly Life.
Antwerp Blue. Beauty, Power, Nobility, Integrity.
Coffee. Indecision, Materiality, Attachment, Sensuous Consciousness,and Pleasure.
Purple. Royalty, Glory, Exaltation, Honor, Magnetic Attraction, Success, Truthfulness.
Drab. Potential Clairvoyance, Instinct, Genius, Precocity.
Sapphire. Spiritual Perception, Realization, Loveliness.
Seal Brown. Coldness, Indifference, Repulsion, Physical Comfort.
Violet. Love of Truth and Good, Consecration, Humility, Lowliness, Divine Zeal and Earnest of Spirit.
Mauve. Spiritual Affection.
Cherry. Connubial Love and Devotion.
Dove. Innocence, Harmlessness, Steadfastness, Patience, Prescience.
Salmon Pink. Ardency, Buoyancy, Exuberancy, Love of the World.
Lilac. Sweetness, Intensity, Aggressiveness, Impulsiveness.
Scarlet. Temper, Lust, Horror, Murder, Hate.
Pearl Grey. Unobtrusiveness, Shyness, Taste, Refinement, Spiritual Recognition.
Melon. Fullness of Life, Vivacity, Magnetism, Impressibility, Susceptibility.
Olive Green. Earthly, Deceitful, Treacherous, Unfaithfulness, Jealousy, Fear.
Robin’s Egg Blue. Faithfulness, Love of Truth, Decision, Constancy, Trust.
Pink. Gentleness, Amiability, Fondness for Friends, Pure Human Love.
Heliotrope. Seriousness, Sadness, Individuality, Loneliness.
Apple Green. Deep Hope.
Nile Green. Differentiation, Change, Restlessness, Disappointment.
Red Rose. Love of Sex, Human Love in all Natural Forms.
Lavender. Gentleness, Soberness, Subtlety, Penetration.
Magenta. Intense Humanity, Philanthropy, Devotion to Unpopular Cause or Truth, Decided Character.
Corn. Light-heartedness, Freedom of Mind, Pleasure.
Cyan Blue. Occultism, Deepness, Melancholy, Visionary.
Lemon. Love of Light, Peace, Serenity, Cheerfulness.
Claret. Moody, Distrust, Suspicion, Weakness, Passion.
Ocher. Earthly, Vehemence, Coarse Affection and Sensual Attractions.
Peacock Blue. Repose, Self-love, Egoism, Concentration.
Canary. Sunshiny, Brightness, Love of Spiritual Things.
Gray. Clairvoyance.
Brown. Earthly.
White Rose. Silence, Realization, Purity, God.
Fawn. Love of Life, Children, Nature, Helplessness.
Cardinal. Power, Imperialism, Grandeur, Strength, Tyranny, Cruelty, War.
Gobelin Blue. Same as Peacock Blue, but not so Defined.
Terra Cotta. Earthly.
Buff. Perception, Sense, Reason, Judgment.
Maroon. Earthly but also Gentleness, Obedience.

It appears that the names of some colors are not immediately clear, so I will have to work on their meanings later!