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Engraved Personalized Bibles

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Thomas Kincaid Engraved Family Bible

Buying an engraved Bible (some prefer to use the term “imprinted”) is something entirely different than buying just a Bible. If you are looking for a good price on any version of the Bible per se (KJV, NIV, NLT, RSV etc.) you can pick from thousand resellers. If you want an engraved Bible your have to go to a large distributor that offers engraving as a service. The cost of imprinting typically is under $15, so you have to do some homework in order to figure out the best combination between the price of the Bible you want and how much you will spend on having it engraved. This is especially important when you plan to order more than one copy. When it comes to Christian Books there is one distributor that stands above everybody else: CBD (Christian Book Distributors). This company has a strong reputation and very often offers prices that cannot be beaten by anyone else. Currently, they charge only $5 for having a Bible personalized. CBD’s selection of Bibles is very impressive. You will be probably be able to find an edition that is most suitable for your personal tastes or your particular denomination whether you are Baptist, Catholic or Eastern Orthodox. The advantage of dealing with a large respected bookseller like CBD is that they take good care of their customers. In case if the name on the Bible has been misspelled you can return the book, as attested by some volumes one can find on the bargain tables during CBD warehouse sales that take place several times a year.

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