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Custom Engraved Paperweights

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I have a paperweight that bears a simple inscription:

I shall not be moved

This clearly refers to a number of Bible verses, particularly this one:

He only is my rock and my salvation: he is my defence; I shall not be moved (Ps. 62:6).

A wonderful combination of post-modern self-referentiality and traditional religious imagery. But I would much rather have the inscription be in Latin, but the Vulgate text of this verse is rather uninspiring:

quia ipse Deus meus et salvator meus adiutor meus non emigrabo

If I were to pick the engraving for a paperweight I would translate I shall not be moved as NON COMMOVEBOR.

In general, engraved paperweights make great gifts and great employee recognition awards. They are practical, but with plenty of style.