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Diamond Ring Wrap for your Engagment Ring: What are the benefits?

in Wedding bands

Engagement rings often have great sentimental value (and they should!). This is one possible reason for someone not wanting to add engravings to their engagement rings, as time passes. There is, however, a way to make use of engraving without modifying the existing rings in any way! You can get a ring wrap and gave it engraved. In addition, your ring will be better protected, its look can be updated. You can modify the style of an engagement ring, add value to it (now that you can finally afford it!). Adding a ring wrap is also a great way to modify a ring that has been passed down through several generations. You can even “correct” the color scheme of the existing ring. Ring wraps are affordable and matching or enhancing most rings is not a very complicated and ultimately enjoyable task.

If you decided to engrave your new diamond ring wrap and wonder if your message will fit on the generally thin surface of the ring (inside or outside), keep in mind that laser engraving makes it possible to make very small multi-line engravings. You can technically have enough space to print your entire wedding vows! Needless to say, usual suggestions and considerations meant for wedding bands can be resorted to while coming up with ideas for the text you want to engrave.

One last thing to remember. According to traditions, if the ring wrap serves as a wedding band it should be worn closer to the wearer’s body (or to the heart, as they would say it more elegantly in the olden days).