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Sometimes the only message that people wish to convey when presenting someone with a gift is that it was meant to be special and personal. It is common to see engravings that have nothing else in them other than relationship terms: mother, father, sister, brother etc. If this is what you want, but would still want the engraving to be a little bit more classy use the language best suited for the job, Latin. Here is a quick rundown of the words you can use. All the terms are in the correct cases. All it takes is just to have them engraved!

Uxori meae – To my wife

Uxori meae carissimae – To my dearest wife

Marito meo – To my husband

Marito meo carissimo – To my dearest husband

Amico meo – To my friend (masc.)

Amicae meae – To my friend (fem.)

Amicis meis – To my friends

Matri meae – To my mother

Patri meo – To my father

Fratri meo – To my brother

Sorori meae – To my sister

Filiis meis – To my sons (to my daughters)

Uxori et filiis meis – To my wife and my children

Marito et filiis meis – To my husband and my children

Filio meo – To my son

Filiae meae – To my daughter

Avo meo – To my grandfather

Aviae meae – To my grandmother

Transcribing modern names into Latin is a whole different story, but the good news is that you don’t really need to have that for your engraved message.