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Coat of Arms Laser Engraved Pens – A Word of Caution

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These laser engraved pens look interesting, of course. There is one problem, however. What if you don’t have a coat of arms? The manufacturer has this to say:

I currently have list of over 11,000 available names including Irish, English, Scottish, Welsh, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese heraldry…Who wouldn’t like to see their family crest engraved on a beautiful hand made pen?

Well, the problem is that there is a lot more to heraldry than picking your last name from a long list and discovering some coat of arms associated with it. Family crests are unique and they really have to be properly adopted in order for them to be used. Unless you want to use them as a joke of sorts. These laser engraved pens cost $65 a piece, so the joke is on you. Coat of arms do not belong to last names, they belong to individual families, people! Heraldry is a very complicated and somewhat exact science. So much goes into designing every coat of arms, and every little part of it has some very specific meaning and origin. Do not take this lightly! There is a good news, however. Family mottos can be adopted freely and they do not need to be registered. In fact, many families have the same or similar mottos, and there is not problem with that at all. So, instead of using someone else’s coat of arms, adopt your own family device! I am sure some clever graphic treatment for such mottos can be easily designed, or you can simply use them as plain text: on rings, jewelry, silverware, pens etc.