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Men’s Black Titanium Ring

in Engraved Jewelry, Titanium Jewelry, Wedding bands

Mens Black Titanium RingThis continues the theme of unique wedding bands for guys who ordinarily would not be caught dead wearing any sort of jewelry. Black is an unusual color for a wedding ring (or any ring, for that matter). It is, however, a color that can be made to look very stylish and attractive. Titanium itself is becoming a very valid choice for wedding rings, as in this Black Satin Finish Wedding Ring.
Wikipedia has this to say about titanium and its use in jewelry making: “Because of its durability, titanium has become more popular for designer jewelry in recent years, whereas until recently the metal was too difficult to work into the intricate shapes with the precision necessary for fine jewelry. Today, titanium rings — including engagement rings and wedding bands — are one of the fastest growing segments of the titanium jewelry market,in part due to the ability of the metal to be grooved, inlaid, and carved without losing strength. Some titanium jewelry also incorporates diamonds or other gemstones, typically in close settings such as bezels, flush, or tension designs. Its inertness again makes it a good choice for those with allergies or those who will be wearing the jewelry in environments such as swimming pools.”

This should explain well enough that the novelty of titanium as a preferred material for wedding rings is largely due to the metal’s qualities. Prior to the recent years titanium simply was to difficult to deal with in consumer products. But the same exact qualities have now made titanium a desirable metal when it comes to the piece of jewelry that most people (even men) wear everyday. Titanium is durable, scratch-resistant and it can be just as attractive as gold or platinum.