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Tire Ring - A Great Men's Gift ItemLet’s take a look an another popular ring design that is predominantly popular among men: tire rings. As it can be clearly seen in the Men’s Stainless Steel Tire Ring pictured here, these rings are fashioned after the familiar look of a car tire. The engraved treads (like the ones you see on the wheel of a car, a truck or a motorcycle) go all around the ring, and the shiny tire detail stands out against the brushed surface.

Stainless steel is a very manly material, of course. It is also among the materials that are becoming increasingly popular in jewelry making. As one would imagine, tire rings are appropriate for most men, because most me love cars, own cars and often take pride in them. It is generally a very masculine design, as I said. Needless to say, an engraved tire ring is even more appropriate for guys (and gals!) who spend a lot of time behind the wheel and make their living driving trucks, taxi’s and so on.
And don’t forget that tire rings can also be engraved on the inside, adding another level of personalization and significance. You can engrave the name of the owner, the favorite car make or model, a monogram or a simple motto. May I say that if the ring wearer happens to prefer Volvo the brand name also serves as a motto, because this word means “I roll” in Latin.

Also, in some very extreme cases a tire ring may be the only ring that a guy would agree to wear. Well, since treaded rings are very discreet in their appearance you can use them for your wedding ceremony 🙂

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