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Engraved Wine Bottles

Parisian cross engraved bible. mens wedding ring This beautiful engraved wedding band features the so called Parisian cross . It also has an inside inscription with one of the most popular Bible verses that can be engraved on wedding rings:

“I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine”

This inscription is an all time favorite, so if you cannot come up with an unique idea for an engraving, this is a very fine choice. If you want to be creative, this site offers many resources. Also, unless you are working directly with the jeweler, you will not have clear idea of how your personalized ring might look until it is actually ready. This may be OK if the ring design is quite simple and it is rather inexpensive. Other than that, it is nice to see an ring that is already pre-engraved for you.

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There are at least two ways to personalize wine. You can either have a custom label printed or have a design and text etched on the very bottle. The second approach is a lot classier, in my opinion. Labels are, of course, a cheaper solution. The reasons to choose the etched option are as follows:

  • If you are purchase wine or champagne for a special occasion and happen to have found a good quantity of vintage bottles you can engrave those bottles while preserving the original labels that visibly prove the quality of the wine.
  • A good vintage wine bottle with an etched inscription can be preserved as a keepsake.
  • Engraved bottles may have some interest for collectors. If you have bottles etched for your wedding, anniversary or perhaps some other occasion you are creating valuable items that may be of interest for future connoisseurs. It is therefore advised that the design contains a date and description of the memorable event.
  • Etching is a very fine art, thereby your engraved wine bottles can surpasses printed labels in originality, style and other aesthetic qualities.
  • An added bonus: no matter how inebriated the guests at a wedding might become, they will be not likely to forget the names of the bride and the groom, because they are forever etched on the very bottle that’s in front of you 🙂