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gem alphabetThere is a system, of French origin, that allows to record messages on jewelry using gems whose names begin with specific letters. For instance, the so-called “Regard” rings had inscriptions formed by a combination of such stones:







Lapis lazuli


Verd  antique


You can easily write a simple motto or a name using this system. There is even something secretive and mysterious about it. The only problem is that it may be difficult to find gems that begin in certain letters. I suppose you can replace them with other types of minerals or use the same gemstone for more than one letter (Ruby can represent both R and Y)

Many engraving services can easily inscribe anything on a ring or some other surface, as long as you provide them with a simple graphic. This method is typically used to create engravings in non-Latin alphabets. The Runic alphabet is a very stylish way to create unique engraved jewelry. Because runes were at one point actually used to write in English, there is actually some historic value to resorting to Runic characters. You can simply spell out your name or even a simple motto. A great little online app! It actually lets you select between several different styles of Runes. Full description of each style is provided for your reading pleasure.

Rune Converter: Turn Roman Letters Into Runes

Anglo-Saxon Runic Rings

On a whim, I came up with this list of ideas for party favors. A good number of them can (and should!) be personalized. Sometimes personalization of a party favor is the craft project that the whole party is build upon. I did not make any differentiation between kids and grown-up parties, including such specialties as wedding favors, but there are ideas that can be useful for more than one occasion. The list is not comprehensive, but some of these ideas can easily be a source of inspiration for a party. Use it for what it’s worth.

Name plate with attached bag of candy
Helium-filled baloons
Beads made out of pasta
Cookies, decorated at the party
Inexpensive Jewelry
Photos taken at the party (framed)
Photo albums
Tea cups
Small stuffed animals (e.g. Webkinz)
Removable tattoos
Mp3 downloads gift cards
Candles (aromatic, can be personalized)
Coloring mats
Party favor cones (instead of bags)
Keychains (can be personalized)
Jigsaw puzzles decorated at the party
Small pillows (can be decorated at the party)
Bags of gourmet coffee beans
Small plants
Sewing kits
Customized candy (m&ms etc.)
Beach balls
Magic sets
Hand towels (can be decorated and personalized)
Assorted soap bars and bath salts
Personalized pens and pencils
Wands, glow-in-the dark sticks
Personalized cups or glasses
Time capsules
Bottles of bubble bath mix
Bandanas (can be personalized)
Recipe books
Assorted tea bags
A doll that looks like the bride or the b-day girl
Tiaras and wands
Hot chocolate in nicely decorated packets
Playing cards
Whistles (can be decorated)
Bags of colored chalk
Trading cards
Cofee scoops (can be decorated and personalized)
Small vases (can be decorated)
Flower arrangements
Mini pinatas
CDs with songs and fairytales
Small bottles of olive oil and balsamic vinegar
Boxes of Christmas ornaments (can be personalized)
Bottle-openers (can be personalized)
Money clips (can be personalized)
Personal seals
Small stuffed toys

Personalized TV remoteThings Remembered has this curious heart-shaped remote control. At the bottom it says “Property of”, so you can engrave your name below that. It is not very clear from the picture, but this remote is actually huge, almost 10″ wide. The bigger the remote, the more difficult it is to loose it, so that’s at least one good thing about it.The color on the picture is not very true to the real thing, it’s a bit more pale pink, if I remember correctly. It is not such a bad universal remote, because it features 6 device buttons. Usually there are only five.

Rose Gold (Russian gold) RingYellow gold and white gold are both very well known to even occasional jewelry shoppers. But what is this rose metal? This, my friends, is rose gold! This metal is also knows as Russian gold, due to the metal’s popularity in Imperial Russia and the Soviet Union. Rose gold is, of course, an alloy of gold, copper and silver (typically 4%). The copper is what gives it this warm, sensuous color. Today rose gold is often used in jewelry items that combine yellow, white and rose gold for a special effect.

More rose gold ring styles: