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Parisian cross engraved bible. mens wedding ring This beautiful engraved wedding band features the so called Parisian cross . It also has an inside inscription with one of the most popular Bible verses that can be engraved on wedding rings:

“I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine”

This inscription is an all time favorite, so if you cannot come up with an unique idea for an engraving, this is a very fine choice. If you want to be creative, this site offers many resources. Also, unless you are working directly with the jeweler, you will not have clear idea of how your personalized ring might look until it is actually ready. This may be OK if the ring design is quite simple and it is rather inexpensive. Other than that, it is nice to see an ring that is already pre-engraved for you.

See also: Knights Templar crosses

Sometimes the only message that people wish to convey when presenting someone with a gift is that it was meant to be special and personal. It is common to see engravings that have nothing else in them other than relationship terms: mother, father, sister, brother etc. If this is what you want, but would still want the engraving to be a little bit more classy use the language best suited for the job, Latin. Here is a quick rundown of the words you can use. All the terms are in the correct cases. All it takes is just to have them engraved!

Uxori meae – To my wife

Uxori meae carissimae – To my dearest wife

Marito meo – To my husband

Marito meo carissimo – To my dearest husband

Amico meo – To my friend (masc.)

Amicae meae – To my friend (fem.)

Amicis meis – To my friends

Matri meae – To my mother

Patri meo – To my father

Fratri meo – To my brother

Sorori meae – To my sister

Filiis meis – To my sons (to my daughters)

Uxori et filiis meis – To my wife and my children

Marito et filiis meis – To my husband and my children

Filio meo – To my son

Filiae meae – To my daughter

Avo meo – To my grandfather

Aviae meae – To my grandmother

Transcribing modern names into Latin is a whole different story, but the good news is that you don’t really need to have that for your engraved message.

Something tells me that these skateboards are not for riding. Truly, there is some sort of disconnect here between the medium and the subject. Well, I suppose there can be a little bit of controversy at the heart of every great art piece 🙂

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words. Unless they are engraved.

Not a bad motto, I reckon. 🙂

If you ever cared to look at the back of an iPod you must have seen a surface that simply begs to have something engraved on it. Sure, if most cases the engraving will be covered by the case, but it can still be cool to know that there is a hidden message on the back of your mp3 player! Also, although not exactly a method of theft protection, engraving at least assures that a potential thief would have a difficult time reselling an iPod (a laptop, a PDA – what have you) if there is an owner’s name etched on its back. Actually, if ALL iPods had owners’ name engraved stealing them would become almost useless.