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Personalized rings

veritas ringNot too long ago I discovered an offer which is a great example of double exclusivity: Veritas Rings.

These rings can only be purchased by Harvard alums and their immediate family. As if that was not exclusive enough, they only made 20 of these rings. The two available designs feature the motto of Harvard University, the Latin word for “truth” (Veritas). Each ring can be personalized and a special certificate is issued.  The rings are priced accordingly, but nothing too extraordinary, considering the “double exclusivity” that has been already described. It must be added, however, that when I decided to follow the “easy order” link  (because I would actually qualify to buy one of these rings) it lead me to a PayPal shopping cart. Not what you would expect. But I still don’t think that there is anything fishy. Harvard would not allow anything like that! The moral of this story is, if you are looking for exclusive rings try to find a combination of several factors that make the product unique. Even the seller may not be aware of these factors. You see, exclusivity is in the eyes of the beholder.