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An interesting article in The San Diego Reader goes into great detail describing the process of jewelry engraving by hand. This art is not going through its best times in the age of industrial laser engravers. Still, even the traditionally-minded hero of the article admits that he will use a laser to work on the inside of the ring. It sounds like the journalist who wrote the piece is planning to give her mother and her mother-in-law a pendant with their names engraved on it. And, get this, the lady’s names will be interwoven with the author’s own! That may be too much.


I would also like to point out my list of Latin dedications that can be engraved on gifts for friends and family:

Engraved Dedications for friends and family

Sell Gold

The value of gold

During harsh economic times gold traditionally firmly asserts itself as the oldest financial institute in existence, as gold prices go up regardless of what else is going on in the economy. Almost every family has at least some amount of gold, whether it is in form of  old jewelry or actual golden bouillons. It is only natural that the shortage of cash makes people turn to gold. What are some important things to keep in mind in this regard?

Sell old jewelry as jewelry

If at all possible, you should try to sell your gold jewelry as jewelry. Selling it as scrap gold or silver is likely to bring up to 80% less. If you believe that the jewelry in your possession is worth getting a look at, you can locate an appraisal using these websites: National Association of Jewelry Appraisers and the American Society of Appraisers. Remember, there is a fee that you must pay to an appraiser! Still, there are kinds of jewelry that unfortunately have little value. This includes class rings, basic wedding rings and engraved rings. Face it, the resale value of a ring that says “To Bob from Jane” is very limited! Also, matching pieces of jewelry (earrings and cuff links, for example) lose value whenever one of the items is lost.

Selling scrap gold? Try local jewelers.

Since you will want to at least try to sell your gold jewelry as such, your local jewelry shops can be a one-stop place in case you end up selling your gold as scrap. Many local jewelers are fulling capable of refining scrap gold and what you have to offer to them is as good as anything else. You may have to shop around, however. Also, use a calculator like this one: http://www.dendritics.com/scales/metal-calc.asp to determine roughly what you should expect in terms of prices.

Going online with your scrap gold.

In recent years gold sellers have received another option for getting rid of the unwanted jewelry and coins. There is now a large group of businesses on the Internet that specialize in buying gold. This is typically done by requesting a seller’s kit and sending an insured package to the buyer informs the customer of the suggested price. Here are just a few of such sites that enjoy a favorable reputation:


When dealing with online buyers you have to make sure that the shipments are fully insured. You also need to keep a list of all the items you are sending in. Definitely remove all the gems and diamonds – you are only selling gold. And remember, it makes no sense to part with all your gold and silver at once, using only one buyer!


Staff at Bradford Royal Infirmary have been told some rings pose an infection-control risk as bacteria could become embedded in the engravings.

Many nurses were found to be wearing wedding bands with engravings on the outside or bevelling around the edges during a recent infection-control audit.

But some of those affected say they will resist attempts by the trust to make them take off these rings, saying the measure is unnecessary.

This story is a bit of a surprise, but I must say that the reasoning behind this ban on engraved rings is fairly solid. It is not a bad idea to consider one’s range of occupations while choosing whether or not to purchase or wear an engraved ring.

Celtic cross pendantA cross combined with a ring is typically referred to as the Celtic cross. It is possible to interpret its meaning as a combination of two ideas: Resurrection and Eternity. A ring is also a basic solar symbol.

Also: read about the Templar cross

A few years ago I saw a woman who had the word Jesus engraved on the back of her neck. The inscription was actually in Greek and the tattoo itself seemed to be of very good quality (as if I know what I am even talking about…). It was dark and pronounced. One striking feature of this tattoo was that the Greek word for Jesus was written with all the little diacritical marks that are used in modern editions of the New Testament. The problem is, these marks were not exactly used very often in 1st century AD. For more historical correctness the inscription should have been in capitals. While the same rule should really apply to Latin inscriptions as well, Greek is different precisely due to the diacritics. So, study Greek before you commit to an engraved message or a tattoo!