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Wedding ring engraving ideas: tips and sample inscriptions

What to engrave on a wedding ring?

William Jones says in his book on the history of finger rings : “It would be difficult to find a subject more interesting in all its associations than a wedding ring. From the most remote times it has had a mystical signification, appealing to our most cherished feelings, hopes and wishes. The circular form of the ring was accepted in days by-gone, as a symbol of eternity, thus indicative of the stability of the affection.” It is only fitting therefore that people have struggled to devise ways to make these special rings even more special. Engraving inscriptions on wedding rings is the most common method of creating unique tokens of love and devotion while staying true to the tradition of exchanging rings at the time of marriage. But if you really want to insure uniqueness and a personal touch you definitely must explore as many options as you can. Besides, in the world of mass produced everything, having your engagement or wedding rings engraved is the easiest and perhaps most satisfying way to display your individuality. So, what can be engraved on a wedding band? Future husband-and-wife-to-be should start with these simple solutions:

  • An inspirational phrase, a motto or a Bible verse . There is also an option to use a foreign or “dead” language. The choice of the language depends greatly on your heritage, cultural preferences and religious affiliation: Latin, French, Italian, Spanish, Hebrew, Arabic, Sanskrit, Chinese, Church Slavonic. It must be noted that recent advances in laser engraving allow the use of longer inscriptions even on traditional wedding rings.
  • Do you have “your song”? A title, a verse of a phrase could work very well on a wedding band.
  • A cipher (sometimes incorrectly referred to as monogram) — a series of unconnected initial letters. You can take the letters from the names of the husband and wife, but it is also possible to use the first letters of a phrase. Compared to engraving entire names or words, this option creates more privacy, while maintaining the original message fully known to the parties involved.
  • Slightly more complicated in terms of engraving is a monogram . It is almost the same as a cipher, the difference being in the design: a monogram on a wedding ring should have the initial letters of the two names intertwined. The metaphor of two lives being joined in marriage is very evident.
  • You can simply use the names of the wife and the husband. This involves choosing between the formal names (Robert, Elizabeth), the preferred versions of the names used every day (Bob, Liz), and perhaps even nicknames. Some people opt for transcribing their names in exotic languages. That’s fine, but this can be very tricky, so make sure you check with a professional, because even a native speaker may not have a good grasp of what the rules are for transcribing certain names.
  • Related to the very first option in this list is the use of coded messages . Perhaps the longest text you can reasonably encode is your wedding vows (as long as you can still recall them!). In this day and age, the popularity of all things cryptic is on the rise. Why not use a code on your engraved wedding rings? Caesar cipher is a good option, but you can easily cope up with your own cipher, clues, symbols etc.
  • A numeric message . This can be the date or the year of your wedding or the husband and wife’s birth dates. You should consider using Roman numerals for engraved wedding rings. They look more like an inscription, and don’t look so obvious. You can also use a different system of representing numbers: Greek, Chinese, Egyptian, Mayan… The great advantage here is that getting the numbers right is much easier than using an actual phrase of even transcribing names. You can actually verify the correctness of the inscription you want to engrave, as long as it’s numeric, regardless of the system – something you cannot do with, let’s say, a Chinese quote! Performing conversions between different calendars is a more delicate matter, but there are plenty of online resources for that, should you fancy and engraving that features exotic numerals and dates.

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