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engraved awards

I have a paperweight that bears a simple inscription:

I shall not be moved

This clearly refers to a number of Bible verses, particularly this one:

He only is my rock and my salvation: he is my defence; I shall not be moved (Ps. 62:6).

A wonderful combination of post-modern self-referentiality and traditional religious imagery. But I would much rather have the inscription be in Latin, but the Vulgate text of this verse is rather uninspiring:

quia ipse Deus meus et salvator meus adiutor meus non emigrabo

If I were to pick the engraving for a paperweight I would translate I shall not be moved as NON COMMOVEBOR.

In general, engraved paperweights make great gifts and great employee recognition awards. They are practical, but with plenty of style.

Believe it or not, engravers have their own printed periodical:


An interesting article in the recent issue deals with the question of whether "big business" is likely to scale down on corporate recognition programs and policies. It appears as if, according to many studies, the reverse trend is more likely!